I am a true believer in finding balance in what you love and what you need in life.

I thrive on assisting others to grow their business ideas, projects and plans, with a great enthusiasm in helping refine goals and aesthetics! This enthusiasm doesn’t stop at business ventures but extends to life goals too.

Through my personal focus on bringing balance to my own life, managing my anxiety while striving to achieve my life goals, I hope to help others find comfort, inspiration and tools here that they can use to do the same.

I have a desire to do and be a part of many things in life. I am a qualified makeup artist, event planner and social media manager – finding fulfilment in my many growing interests including photography, styling and botany. One might say that I am a jack of all trades with fine skill in many, and I see excitement in that. Why limit oneself in life to one avenue.

This site is a place of sharing: sharing healthy living practices, lifestyle interests, creative and business projects and personal life experiences all in one journey to find the right fit for me (and hopefully you) to achieve my daily goals and long-term dreams (with the occasional gluten-free recipe and adventure in between!)